concrete damage and repairs

Want To Spruce Up Your Concrete? 3 Reasons To Consider Acid Staining

After spending hours perfecting your porch and manicuring your lawn, you might wonder how to spruce up that bland, gray driveway. Although you might assume that a complete overhaul is necessary, you might be able to make that concrete look like new by hiring concrete contractors, like the ones at Shears Concrete, apply acid stain to the surface. Here are three reasons you should consider acid staining for your driveway: 1: Natural-Looking Pattern Read More 

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concrete damage and repairs

What do you do when your concrete driveway starts cracking? Do you know what can cause the concrete to crack? Can you make the repairs without finding the cause of the crack? This blog is all about concrete damage and what you can do to repair it. You can find tips for avoiding further damage and what you can do to take care of the damage that is already visible. I created this blog after paying a great contractor to make the repairs to my driveway. He walked me through the process and helped me learn a lot about concrete damage and repairs. Here, you will find what he taught me.

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