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What A Homeowner Should Understand About Crawl Space Foundation Damage

A foundation that has suffered extensive damage will need to be treated as an urgent matter by the homeowner. Otherwise, they may be at risk of losing the entire home or needing to pay for expensive and extensive repairs to it. Unfortunately, the crawl space can be an area of a home that may be particularly prone to foundation damage.

How Can The Foundation Suffer Damage From The Crawl Spaces?

The crawl space of your home can be a surprisingly damp area. This is due to the fact that cool, moist air can settle in this area. As a result, condensation can be an almost constant presence in a poorly ventilated crawl space. This moisture-rich environment can gradually degrade the concrete foundation by contributing to cracks forming in it. In extreme cases, this may even cause the rebar that reinforces the foundation to corrode, which can cause extensive damage.

What Are The Options For Repairing Cracked Foundations Near The Crawl Space?

If the foundation under the crawl space has suffered cracking, it may be a fairly minor repair to make as long as you catch this problem while the cracks are still small and shallow. In these situations, a concrete filler may be sufficient for patching and reinforcing the damaged concrete so that the problem will not worsen. However, if the damage is especially severe, it may be necessary to replace a sizable section of the foundation. This is often the case when the cracks were deep enough to allow moisture to corrode the rebar. The corroded portions will have to be replaced.

Is It Possible To Avoid This Type Of Damage In The Future?

In order to stop the foundation damage from resuming, it will be necessary to address the ventilation and moisture problems of the crawl space. Encapsulating the crawl space is one option for achieving this as it will improve ventilation so that moist air can leave the area while also providing a waterproof coating so that any condensation will be unable to directly come into contact with the foundation or walls of the crawl space. Fortunately, making this type of upgrade to the crawl space will involve minimal disruptions to life in the home as it can be completed quickly, and it will not require your family to leave the home in order for this work to be done. The cost savings from avoiding the need for future foundation repairs will likely far exceed the costs you will need to pay to encapsulate and waterproof your home's crawl space.

To learn more, contact a crawl space foundation repair company.

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