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Interesting Ways To Use More Stone In Your Residential Landscaping

When it comes to materials that can be implemented into your landscaping, from gravel to mulch, stone stands above the rest as one of the most highly sought after: stone. Stone is resilient enough to stand up in even tough landscapes. Stone is a natural ground cover that blends well and is not harmful to the surrounding environment. However, most homeowners struggle a bit when it comes to finding ways to use natural stone in their landscaping. Here is a look at a few interesting ways to implement more stone into the landscaping that surrounds your home. 

Add border stones around a concrete walkway

If you already have a concrete walkway, you may think that there is no need for stones to help create an impressive walkway design. Yet, you can add a touch of flair to any basic walkway just by installing a border of natural stone along the sides. Have a load of rounded stones delivered and situate them in place either right at the edge of the walkway or a little further out to allow room for mulching, flowers, or ornamental grass clusters. You can also create an upright stone border using slate pieces. 

Install a rock garden in a sitting or otherwise bland area

Some homeowners assume rock gardens to be a little bit of a joke, but rock gardens can actually add a lot of visual interest to places where there may otherwise be very little. For example, if you have a sitting area alongside a raised bed that houses a few shrubs or flowering plants, stones of different colors, shapes, and sizes can be planted in the ground to provide a fascinating ground cover display. A rock garden can also highlight a small area next to a walkway or along ditch lines that will not support the growth of plants. 

Create a focal point or centerpiece in your landscape

The stones that you use in your landscaping do not have to be small or used as filler material; in fact, you can also have some fairly large stones delivered as well. You can pick out a large and impressive stone that has some kind of unique visual appearance or feature and situate it as a centerpiece in your landscape or use it as a focal point. For example, you could have a large stone situated at the entrance to your drive or in the center of your lawn. 

For more information, contact your local stone delivery service.

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