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Tips for Patching Concrete Walkway Cracks

If the concrete walkway leading up to your home has developed some cracks, then it is important that you patch them as soon as possible. If you allow the cracks to remain, then they will further degrade in the weather and grow in size. If the concrete cracks get to be too big, then you will need to break out the concrete and replace it. To properly fix your cracked walkway, follow each of these tips:

Always Clean Cracks Well Before Applying Patching Material

Before you attempt to fix your walkway's cracks, first you must carefully clean them out. You can use a stiff broom to remove any damaged concrete, dust, and dirt. Alternatively, you can also use a wet-dry shop vacuum to remove anything in the concrete crack. Once the crack is free of debris, then wash it out with some clean water and make your repairs with the concrete a bit wet. Wet concrete will form stronger bonds with the patching material.

Fill Concrete Cracks Smaller than a Pencil with Premixed Concrete Filler

If your concrete walkway has developed small cracks that are smaller in width than a pencil, then you can easily patch them using a premixed concrete filler. Concrete fillers are sold in tubes similar to caulking, and you need to use a caulking gun to install the material into the cracks.

Cut the Tip of the Concrete Filler's Tube to Match the Width of the Crack

Once you have your concrete filler's tube loaded into your caulking gun, then cut off the end of the tube so that the tip's opening is the same width as the size of the crack that you are trying to fill. This technique allows you to place the end of the tube into the crack and completely fill it as you squeeze the caulking gun and move it down the crack.

Always Repair Concrete in Favorable Weather

Finally, when you decide to fix your home's cracked concrete walkway, choose a day that has favorable weather. When working with cement products, you should always work on a warm day that isn't too hot nor too cold. Repairing concrete in weather that is too hot will result in premature curing of the concrete. Prematurely cured concrete will become brittle when it ages in the elements. Concrete that is repaired in weather that is wet or too cold will not harden.

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concrete damage and repairs

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