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How To Protect Your Concrete Lawn Decorations During Winter

During the winter months, your concrete lawn decorations -- such as statues, fountains, bird baths and more -- can add a nice touch of decor when many of your plants are probably dormant and when your grass might not be very green. However, if you want to enjoy them and don't want to put them away for storage during the winter, you do need to protect them from the elements. Luckily, following these tips can help protect your concrete lawn decorations during winter.

Apply a Protective Coating

First of all, you'll want to apply a protective coating. This can help protect your concrete lawn decorations from the snow and ice and from any road or sidewalk salt that might get on them. You'll want to clean your concrete lawn decorations well first, so brush off any dirt or debris, and spray them off with a water hose. If you notice any mold or mildew, you can use a solution of bleach and water. You'll also want to check your lawn decorations for cracks, which should be addressed prior to adding the sealant.

Then, you can use a protective concrete sealant, which you can purchase at a local home improvement store, to protect your lawn decorations. Some of these sealants come in a spray can and can be applied by being sprayed evenly over the entire piece. Others should be brushed on with a paintbrush. Follow the instructions on the package for best results.

Repair Cracks

If you noticed any cracks while you were cleaning your item, you will want to repair the cracks before applying the sealant. One problem with cracks on lawn decorations -- and anything that is made out of concrete, really -- is the fact that they can become filled with water during the winter, such as from melted snow. Then, when the temperatures drop again, the water can freeze and expand, causing the cracks to get worse and worse. You can purchase a small bag of mix-it-yourself concrete from a home improvement store and can use a small putty knife to carefully fix the crack. Make sure that you allow it to fully dry, then add your protective sealant, which is mentioned above.

Taking a couple of steps to protect your concrete lawn decorations prior to the winter is smart. Then you can enjoy their beauty during the cold winter, and you don't have to worry as much about them being damaged from not being put away for the cold season. For more information, visit or a similar website.

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