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Adding Color To Your Concrete Driveway With Concrete Stain

If you have a concrete driveway, you most likely are enjoying the benefits of a surface made from a durable material that requires little upkeep. If you want to make your driveway appear a bit different from your neighbors' driveways, consider adding some decorative color to the concrete to give your property increased curb appeal. Here are some instructions you can follow to incorporate some color into your concrete driveway so it stands out from others in your neighborhood.

Clean The Surface To Remove Debris

Take the time to thoroughly remove all debris from your driveway's surface before you add any color. This will allow the stain to adhere without any obstruction, giving your concrete driveway a smooth, uniform appearance. Wash down your driveway using a pressure washer. Use a mild concrete cleaner if desired. If there are any areas with caked on debris, scrub them with a soft-bristled brush to remove particles from the surface. Rinse well and allow the driveway to dry in its entirety.

Make Simple Repairs Beforehand

After you wash down your driveway, you may notice a few areas where small cracks or crevices are present. These can be filled in using concrete cement. Purchase concrete cement in a caulk tube style packaging and place inside a caulk gun to apply. Place the nozzle into each crack and squeeze the contents of the cement inside to fill in the void. Allow to harden for a full day before coloring your driveway.

Add The Color With The Right Tools

Purchase some water-based concrete stain in the color you desire. Place this inside a paint tray and set it upon a tarp in case of an accidental spill. To apply to your driveway, use a telescoping pole and a painting pad. Purchase these from a paint or hardware store. The pad is attached to a holder which is screwed into the end of the pole. Dip the painting pad into the stain.

Start at the furthest point of your driveway so you can work your way back toward your home. Gently brush the color on the concrete. Make sure to rub the painting pad along brushstrokes on the edges of already applied color as you overlap with new stain. Blending the stain in this manner will help eliminate noticeable lines as you work since the stain will dry rather quickly. It is also important to try to keep a consistent amount of stain on the painting pad so some areas are not darker than others as the stain dries.

Consider staining your driveway on a shady day. When the sun dries the stain at uneven rates, it is difficult to tell which portions are darker than others. Staining on an overcast day will allow for more uniform color application.

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concrete damage and repairs

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