concrete damage and repairs

Exposing A Couple Of Common Concrete Myths

Concrete is a common building material that is capable of being used in a wide variety of different projects. However, concrete can have a rather boring and industrial appearance that many homeowners may not enjoy. While it is possible to opt for decorative concrete, some people may not understand this option. By understanding that a couple of common myths should be ignored, you will find yourself better able to get the most from your investment in decorative concrete for your property.

Myth: You Can Not Improve The Appearance Of Old Concrete

Old concrete has the power to start fading in appearance relatively quickly. This can result from the intense energy from the sun because the ultraviolet rays can bleach the color out of concrete. Unsightly concrete can lower a home's aesthetic appeal and value, but this can be a relatively simple problem to fix.

For those that are simply wanting to change the color of their faded concrete, it is possible for a contractor to apply a stain to concrete of almost any age. This stain can add rich earthy colors to the faded concrete, which can dramatically restore its appearance.

Myth: Decorative Concrete Does Not Require Regular Maintenance

Concrete is a highly durable building material, and it is easy to understand why many people would assume that it does not require regular maintenance. However, this assumption can cause problems for decorative concrete because it is possible for the colors in this concrete to fade without regular pressure washings.

Over time, oils, dirt, molds, and mildews can accumulate on the concrete, and when they are not removed, it is possible for them to bleach the pigments in the concrete or permanently stain it. Eliminating the risk of your concrete suffering this problem will require you to have the concrete professionally pressure washed at least twice a year. The powerful jet of water from a pressure washer can remove substances that have become lodged in the pores of the concrete far more effectively than other options.

Decorative concrete can be a great way of improving the appearance of the paved areas of your property. Yet, this type of concrete can be easy for homeowners to misunderstand. By making it a point to be informed about the fact that old concrete can be stained and the importance of pressure washing, you will find yourself in a better position to make smart decisions about your home's concrete.

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concrete damage and repairs

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