concrete damage and repairs

Inventive Concrete Designs And Creations

Concrete is a versatile medium that can be used creatively in many different ways. Concrete can be colored and carved to create intricate designs on any horizontal, vertical, or sculptural surface. Concrete can also be molded into custom shapes and textured to mimic other materials such as wood, stone, brick, tile, marble, and even water. If you would like to have a unique floor, wall, patio, waterfall, countertop, piece of furniture or artwork in your residence or business, look for a concrete contractor that has experience using concrete in unique ways. Here are some unusual ways that concrete contractors have used concrete:

  • Concrete the Great Imitator - Concrete contractors have long used concrete to look like stone and marble floors and walls. They have also used concrete to create the look of a brick or tile floor or even a reflecting pool of rippling water. These creations were created by adding colored acid stains to the wet concrete to dye it in waveforms and abstract patterns. The finished products were then covered with a clear epoxy resin sealer and highly polished.
  • Concrete Metal - Concrete has also been poured into custom molds and painted or dyed with red and brown acid stains to look like rusted metal. Some concrete contractors have also embedded mica particles and powdered metals into the concrete, along with actual metal objects to give the finished product some interesting rusted texture. Small details have been added by airbrushing a mixture of concrete and acid stains onto the surface to complete the illusion. A crystal-clear epoxy resin is used as a final finish on top of the faux metal concrete. 
  • Concrete Furniture - Concrete benches, tables, countertops, desks, bookcases, chairs, and other custom furniture pieces have been created by concrete contractors to complement unusual architectural spaces. Wood and glass are often inlaid into these furnishings for a contrasting surface finish. Carved spaces and troughs are placed in concrete furniture to hold plants, rocks, and other materials. Colorful upholstery has been added to concrete furniture for comfort. 
  • Concrete Typography - Concrete contractors have designed and produced very successful 3D concrete signs for businesses. Concrete typography can be made from both positive, free-standing letters or negative, cutout letters. The monolithic effect of concrete typography is subtle and understated especially when uncolored.    
  • Concrete Graphics - Concrete can also be poured into flat molds to create large tiles for floors or walls. Engraved designs are then carved into these tiles while they are still wet. When completely dry, the carved out designs are filled with a contrasting color of concrete to create a pattern or design that flows from one tile to the next.  

Ask a concrete contractor like Hofmann Concrete Construction LLC about unusual ways that you can use concrete on your residential or business property. It is a very economical material that is extremely durable and requires little or no maintenance. Concrete has endless possibilities when used creatively. 

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concrete damage and repairs

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